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Peppermint Moisturizing Body Wash Zoom

Natural Peppermint Body Wash for Acne & Sensitive Skin | Beessential

SKU: 2130

Kills Acne Causing Bacteria & Moisturizes Skin

Say ‘good morning’ with an eye-opening scrub of our invigorating Peppermint Body Wash. Made with skin-quenching Hemp, Honey and Aloe.

  • All-Natural, Moisturizing Ingredients

  • Cooling, Refreshing Peppermint Scent

  • Sulfate-Free

  • No Harsh Chemicals or Detergents



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    All Natural Peppermint Body Wash 

    Welcome to the ultimate daily body wash that helps your skin “bee” the best you! Our natural peppermint moisturizing body wash provides efficient soothing, healing and cooling that pampers and nourishes your skin.


    If a body wash went to the farmer's market and said “Gimme everything ya got!” you'd get Beessential Natural Peppermint Body Wash for Acne & Sensitive Skin. Just like a cleanser you'd use for your face, but made for your body and specially formulated with fantastic ingredients, including:


    • Coconut oil –Coconut oil – A natural antibacterial and rich source of healing Vitamin E that moisturizes your skin and of course smells AMAZING!
    • Olive oil –Olive oil – Luscious and smooth, used for thousands of years for skin hydration and packed with potent anti-aging antioxidants.
    • Hemp oil –Hemp oil – An excellent moisturizer for acne-prone skin and a rich source of Linoleic Acid, which supports healthy sebum production to maintain an efficient skin barrier.
    • Aloe – Aloe – Mother Nature's most famous skin healing nutrient ingredient, loaded with anti-inflammatory hormones, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.
    • Honey –Honey – Moisturizes and soothes skin, and a potent natural antibacterial that is perfect for normalizing acne-prone skin without drying.
    • Peppermint essential oil – Peppermint essential oil – Another powerful antibacterial nutrient that also soothes and cools your skin, and what a delicious scent!
    • Rosemary extract –Rosemary extract – Natural antiseptic and antioxidant properties help keep your skin fresh, clean and vital.
    • Citric acid – Citric acid – Natural alpha hydroxy acid that promotes gentle skin repair and regrowth.


    A refreshing and cooling tingle means the peppermint is working while the multi-oil blend acts like a magnet on dirt and sweat. Rinse away the fragrant lather, and you're all peppermint-y and fresh! Beessential Natural Peppermint Body Wash for Acne & Sensitive Skin is very mild and leaves your skin visibly softer and deliciously clean.


    It's almost unfair that so much wonderful is contained in such a small package! If you've got acne + sensitive skin, it's Beessential you treat it right. Don't ignore the 90% of your skin that's not your face – use Beessential Natural Peppermint Body Wash for Acne & Sensitive Skin to enjoy an all-over comfortable clean.