Propolis is a waxy substance honeybees create from the resinous sap of trees and select plants. In Greek, its name means ‘pro,’ before, and ‘polis,’ city. Propolis provides a plethora of health benefits. Remarkably, this Nature-made wonder contains all of the known vitamins with the exception of vitamin K. It is also said to contain 14 of the 15 minerals required by the human body. It is known for having antimicrobial properties believed to inhibit bacterial growth responsible for causing acne and certain types of infection. In lotions, lip balms and creams Propolis also acts as a nourishing emollient that provides skin and lips with a layer of antioxidant protection, keeping moisture in while blocking harmful environmental toxins from entering. This bee-manufactured wonder is also known to contain beneficial flavonoids thought to plausibly prevent oxidative stress and damage incurred by healthy cells.