Monk Fruit Extract (Luo Han Guo) gains its name from the Buddhist monks in China responsible for cultivating it. It is a tasty melon used in many cultures as a natural sweetener. Monk Fruit replaces chemical additives like aspartame commonly found in commercial beverages, particularly those labeled as ‘diet.’ It is even featured in some teas and brands of soup. Some cultures believe those who ingest Monk Fruit Extract regularly live to be more than 100-years old. Some studies suggest Monk Fruit can alleviate symptoms of allergies when eaten or consumed in beverages. “Luo Han Guo has been shown to have an antihistamine effect in mice given the extract. The extract seems to counter an allergic response by calming the mast cells that release the chemicals such as histamine – which is associated with both allergies and asthma,” according to Natural Health 365.