Honey is a syrupy, sweet substance obtained from our humble hero-- the honeybee. For centuries, it has been used medicinally for treating infections and wounds, while many influential individuals have prized honey for its exclusive ability to enhance beauty. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make honey a recommended defense against certain types of acne. It also contains anti-inflammatory qualities known to reduce irritation. Honey can also improve the appearance of skin tone. Its natural qualities is said to balance the color of skin by blanching dark spots and scars. As a humectant, honey draws in moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate. It also contains soothing aspects that can calm redness and swelling. Some claim that using raw honey in hair can lighten color naturally. Other beauty benefits of honey: - It can soften cuticles and improve health of toe and fingernails - Topically applying honey is said to protect raiser bumps - It can be used in lip balms to soften, hydrate and smooth texture - Abundant antioxidants help with free-radicals - Shown to soothe symptoms of eczema - Can reduce the appearance of dark spots Notable individuals/groups purported to use honey: The last mistress of Louis XV, Madame du Barry, is said to have used honey as a facial mask. She was known to apply honey before retiring to bed for a rest while the honey performed its magic. Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra is recognized for taking baths with honey and milk to maintain her youth. Queen Anne of England employed a honey and oil mixture for her long, lustrous locks if hair, known for being commendably thick and shiny. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, an English-woman, is said to have used a clandestine recipe consisting of honey and water to keep her hair astonishing. It is believed that Chinese women have traditionally used a blend of honey and crushed orange seeds to prevent and fade blemishes.