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Orange Essential Oil Foaming Soap Zoom

Orange Essential Oil Foaming Soap | Beessential

SKU: FS11111

This Amazing Foaming Orange Hand Soap will refresh your senses with the essence of Orange Essential Oil.

  • Natural Foaming Hand Soap

  • Essential Orange Oil

  • Moisturizing Oil Based Foaming Soap

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    . Florida reminds me of two things, hurricanes and oranges…luckily I have never been in a hurricane, but I have been to a Florida orange grove where I have picked perfectly ripe oranges from the tree. It's like nothing you have ever smelled or tasted…fresh citrusy oranges popping with juice while the rind emits a slight spray orange oil that tingles your olfactory senses. It is not easy for most people to pick oranges every day especially when they don’t live in Florida or California…so when I was thinking to create a new foaming hand soap scent my memories sent me back to that day in the orchard, and I created an orange foaming hand soap which is made with fresh sweet orange essential oils. I know that using our orange foaming soap is not the same thing as feeling Florida sunshine on your face, but you will sure feel like you have been transported back to that orchard.